The Green World Hotels Group participated in the Achievement Press Conference sponsored by the Tourism Bureau of Taipei City Government at the Caesar Metro Hotel where the Zhonghua, ZhongXiao, Songshan, SongJiang, and NanGang branches received the certificates for Muslim Friendly Hotels from the Chinese Muslim Association.

The Green World Hotels responds to the call of the government by constructing Muslim-friendly sleeping and culinary environment to attract Muslim tourists.

In terms of the hotel rooms, the Green World Hotels posted the directional guide, timetable, and even prayer rugs for praying so the Muslim tourists can pray conveniently.

Moreover, in order to comply with the requirement of International Muslim Clean Facility, washlets have been installed throughout all hotels.

For restaurants, Green World Hotels has prepared independent cooking and eating areas, utensils, sauce, exclusively for our Muslim friends.We also purchase only from Muslim certified meat and vegetable suppliers.

The five hotels which have received the Muslim-friendly Hotels and Restaurants certificate are all situated near the MRT stations throughout Taipei’s most quintessential locations and business districts in hope of Muslim tourists to enjoy their stay with us and their trip to Taiwan.


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